Grammar help from The Oatmeal:

Grammarly Grammar Checker.

Advice to Writers.

What to write down during class lecture.

Neil Gaiman on Writer's Block.

Train your brain to focus.

Written Kitten. Write 100 words, see a picture of a kitteh.

How to quickly look up the definition of any word in Google Docs.

How to use the comment function in OpenOffice.

Celebrity Googly Eyes (not really a tool, but fun anyway)

Focused study music from Stereomood.

Data Management:
  • **Open Office**: Free downloadable office suite comparable to and compatible with Microsoft Word products.
  • iHomework: 1.99 iphone app helps keep track of school assignments and due dates.
  • Google Docs: Create and store your work in the cloud.
  • Dropbox: a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!
  • Randomizer: generate random numbers or lists. Used to generate peer review groups for this class.
  • How to Save a Pages document in Word format.

Citation Generators:tumblr_lxaolmy0W51qm5ws0o1_500 (1).jpg

Style Guides:

Specific Issues:
How to cite an image in MLA format.
Thesis Builder