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Student Notes about the Library/Database (add yours):
  • Don't go through MyUCA to access the library database, because you won't be able to access all the features. (Deb M)
  • Check the peer reviewed box on the database website because it is required for the research in class (Ashley Purvis)
  • you want to break down the search if you find a hard time to find something (its on advanced search). (jithin cherian)
  • If you forget how to spell something and it's just a confusion about lettering you can put a question mark in place of the unknown letter and the database will pull up suggestions! Super nifty for those of us who have clueless moments! ex: effect - ?ffect; it will pull up affect and effect (yes this was her example first). (ERobertson)
  • You have to have a pin if you are living off campus in order to get into the library's database. (Alex Taylor)
  • You can add a * at the end of a word to search the root word with different endings. (Ex: employ* to find unemployed, employed, employment, etc.) (Tori Burnett)
  • The Interlibrary Loan Department determines the types of library materials it will lend, but it "will not process requests for electronic books, and textbooks"(Shannon Sim)
  • Instead of asking a question while searching, the use of key words is better. (Tristan Bruning)
  • You don't always have to check the box that says full text, because there is always another way to access it, plus if you dont check the box this gives you more options. (Katie Halter)
  • A lot of databases have their own specialty, so you can customize your search on certain topics. (Brittney Behr)
  • When looking for Full Text, it is good to find the .PDF file if possible because it contains page numbers, saving time for citing. (Teddy Nguyen
  • Put limit to peer review instead of full text to you can get more souses. (Abigail Heine MWF 11:00 a.m.)
  • The associate's name is Amber Wilson. [ (Sorry, but that was the first one that came to mind.) Parker Rognrud MWF 8:00 a.m.]
  • A data base does not have the same type of working memory as a search engine and you can't go back to what you looked at before and also it will pop up with no results if you spell a word incorrectly. (Tatiyanna Shaw)
  • On the regular search browser you can't type in a whole sentence to research a topic because the computer doesn't function like that. Instead type in less words and you will get more results. Also, if you don't find anything on the first page, don't go back up and research a different phrase. Instead, scroll through page 2 and see what you find (Ryan Lawrence).
  • ALWAYS double check your spelling when using the search engine. It makes a huge difference in what results you get. Also, to find the library's hours, go to UCA's main website, click on the Quick Links, and click on the Library link. From that page, look under the Library Information tab on the left hand side. You can find the hours there. (Chelsea Davis)
  • There are a lot of databases to search from, so if you can't get the all info you need from one database search another. Searching several databases gives you the best chance of getting the best info (Justin Merkel MWF 8:00 a.m
  • The library pays for some e-book subscriptions for you. Also if you don not have a pin you can go to the circulation desk and set up a pin, all it requires is you bring your student identification. This will allow you to access UCA research databases while you are off campus- Blake Battles
  • Specificity is important in helping you to find good sources(Austin Perrusquia)
  • If you forget your library pin password, the librarians can't tell you because they can't see it. They have to cancel it and create a new pin. (Brooke Skinner)