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WRTG1310 Course OutlineFall, 2012Instructor: Deb Moore
Please bring your syllabus, course outline, textbook, and handbook to EVERY class.
The syllabus and course outline are subject to change. Changes, if any, will be announced in class and on the course Wiki. You are responsible for keeping abreast of such changes.

August 23 First Day of Class
Due 8/28: Read the Syllabus
Due 8/28: Complete the Scavenger Hunt (100 pts)
Due 9/4: Get on the wiki; upload picture and short bio (100 pts)
August 28 Scavenger Hunt Due
Syllabus and Course Outline
How to Wiki
Due 8/30: Read Text Chapter 1/Introduction
and Chapter 12/Catalog of Reading Strategies
August 30 Writing Center
Syllabus and Course Outline
Reading and Annotating
Due 9/4: Read Text Chapter 13/Cueing the Reader
September 4 Reading and Annotating
Paraphrasing and Summarizing
Personal Wiki page due.
September 6 Reading and Annotating
Paraphrasing and Summarizing
September 11 Plagiarism
Due 9/13: Read Text:
Chapter 3/Writing Profiles
Due 9/13: Response Sheet for Chapter 3
Edge/I’m Not Leaving Until I Eat this Thing and Coyne/The Long Goodbye
September 13 Profile
Due 9/18: Read Text Chapter 11/Invention,
Chapter 14/Narrating, Chapter 15/Describing,
Chapter 22/Field Research
September 18 Profiles
September 20 Profiles
September 25 Profiles
September 27 Profiles
How to Peer Review
Due 10/2: First Draft Profile Essay
October 2 First Draft Profile Essay
Workshopsand Conferences
October 4 Workshops and Conferences
Due 10/10: Final Revision Profile Essay

October 9 Profile Essay Final Revision Due
In-class Writing Assignment-Review of Profile Essay
Explaining a Concept
RadioLab: Memory
October 11 Portfolios Assigned
Due 10/16: Read Text Chapter 23/Library and Internet Research and Chapter 24/Using and Acknowledging Sources
October 16 Research and Sources Ch 23 and 24
Due 10/18: Read Text Chapter 4/Explaining a Concept
Due 10/24: Response Sheets for
Ngo/Cannibalism and
Toufexis/Love: The Right Chemistry
October 18 Fall Break—No Class
October 24 Explaining a Concept
Due 10/25: Read Text Chapter 16/Defining
and Chapter 17/Classifying
October 25 Explaining a Concept
Citation Workshop
Due 10/30: First Draft Concept Essay
October 30 Explaining a Concept First Draft Due
Workshops and Conferences
November 1 Workshops and Conferences
Due 11/8: Final Revision Explaining a Concept Essay
November 6 Explaining a Concept
November 8 Explaining a Concept
November 13 Explaining a Concept Final Revision Due
In Class Writing Assignment—Review of Explaining a Concept
Proposing a Solution: Selection of Topics and
Plan of Attack

Due 11/20: Read Text Chapter 6/Arguing a Position
and Chapter 19/Arguing
Due 11/15: Response Sheets for Chapter 6: Answer questions in the margins of Statsky’s Children need to Play, Not Compete (p270).
November 15 Proposing a Solution
Due 11/20: Read Text Chapter 7/Proposing a Solution
Due 11/20: Response Sheets for Chapter 7
Answer questions in margin of O’Malley’s More Testing, More Learning
(p. 326).

November 20 Proposing a Solution
Due 11/29: First Draft Proposing a Solution Essay
November 22 Thanksgiving Holiday—No Class
November 27 Proposing a Solution First Draft Due
Workshops and Conferences
November 29 Workshops and Conferences
December 4 Proposing a Solution Final Revision Due
In Class Writing Assignment—Review of Proposing a Solution
Portfolios Requirements Reviewed
December 6 TBA
December 11 Portfolios Due
CRN 11237 at 11am
December 13 No Class
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