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Map by Wendy MacNaughton

WRTG 1310 Scavenger Hunt
Fall, 2012

(You should have received a hard copy of this assignment on the first day of class. If you have misplaced it--or weren't in class on that day--just print the page.)

Although designed to contain an element of fun, this is a graded assignment, worth a total of 100 points. It’s up to you to figure out how to get to the correct answers. The completed scavenger hunt is due on the second day of class. You must answer all parts of the question in order to get the point.

1. Find your instructor's office. Follow the instructions posted on the door. In the space below, write out what it was that these instructions asked you to do.

2. Find your instructor's mailbox. Write out the directions to get there (from your room, wherever that is) OR draw a map so someone who has never been there can find it.

3. Check your UCA email for an invitation to the class Wiki. After you accept the invitation, go to the Wiki and find the “Ask a Question” page. Either think of a question to ask (and ask it), or answer one already there. Write your question or answer below. (If you don’t have an invitation, email me from your cub account. You already have my email address.)

4. Find out how to create a PIN in order to access the library’s databases when you are off campus. Do that now, and share with me how you found the answer to this question.

5. Where and what is the UCA Writing Center? Find out and write the name of one of the tutors who work there, along with the title of his or her favorite song.

6. Speaking of the Writing Center—you’re going to need a Writing Center appointment for each of the semester’s major assignments (you may choose to have more than one, but one is required). Find out how to make an appointment and make one for each of the following weeks. (Be sure you aren’t scheduling appointments that conflict with your classes.)

A FRIENDLY REMINDER: If you are unable to make an appointment, you must call and cancel.

Write the date and time you have scheduled below for the point.

Make an appointment between September 12 and October 4 for THE PROFILE ESSAY. Date and time:

Make an appointment between October 17 and November 8 for THE CONCEPT ESSAY. Date and time:

Make an appointment between November 11 and November 29 for the Solution Essay. Date and time:

Make an appointment between November 3 and December 12 for the Final Portfolio Assignment. Date and time:

7. Go to this address and complete the survey you find there. Describe question 3 to get the point.

8. What is an Internet meme? What is your favorite meme and why?

9. How many classes are you allowed to miss before being dropped for nonattendance from this class?

10. Go to and click the link to “play the regular game.” Write the name of the question you played AND your answer. (Google tips can be found on the Wiki page, How to Betterfy your Google-Fu.)