This page is for homework that was announced in class and may not be on the Course Outline. (Newer items will appear at the top of the page; scroll down for older items.)

For Monday, November 12: Answer the questions in the margins of "Children Need to Play, Not Compete" on page 270. This assignment is worth 100 pts.

For Wednesday, November 7th: Reflect on the process of writing your Concept Essay by Answering the five prompts appearing at the bottom of page 182 of your text. This will be Notebook Entry #8.

Extra Credit Opportunity: Watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (on Netflix Instant Streaming). In half a page or more, describe how the movie and the Radiolab episode relate. Type it up, please, and turn it in BEFORE the Concept Essay is due.

See the Course Outline for reading and annotation assignment. For reader response sheets, please answer the questions found in the margins of the Cannibalism essay AND answer the questions in the MAKING CONNECTIONS: LOVE MAPS box on page 140. These will be Notebook entry number 7.
For Wed, 10/10 (done in class): Do the Profile Essay Post Assignment Reflection writing found at the bottom of the Profile Essay page. This will be Notebook entry number 6.

Interviewing exercise: Use your notes from class and write up a paragraph or more about Wednesday's interview subject. (If you were the INTERVIEWEE, please write a paragraph about what you learned about interviewing from the experience.) Due Friday, 9/21. Notebook entry number 5 (increase in number to bring all classes back in line).
Overheard at UCA exercise: Take your notebook to a public place--the cafeteria, the lounge in your dorm, Starbucks, whereev. Remove your earbuds. Put away your phone. Listen and observe EVERYTHING. Look around. Listen to other people's conversation. Smell what there is to smell. Then, write a description that will transport the reader to that very place and time. Show, don't tell. Use each of the 5 senses. This is notebook entry number 3 and it's due Friday the 14th.

Begun in class on September 5: Finish practicing pre-reading, close reading, and post reading on John T. Edge's I'm Not Leaving Until I Eat This Thing, page 74 in your text. Summarize for reader response.
ALL Sections: Due Wednesday, September 5: Read Shitty First Drafts.