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CAUTION!! CAUTION!! ALERT!! ALERT!! WARNING!! WARNING!! Sit back relax and strap on your seat belts Ladies and Gentlemen because this is about to be a bumpy ride. You are about to experience the sexiest most amazing thing you ever met in your life. Jamal Rashaun Burton yep thats ME. I am a grateful child of God who loves the Lord with all my heart and seeks to do his will. I am a Freshman at the University of Central Arkansas where I major in Biology PreMedical Profession. I am a Pisces in the Zodiac signs which means I am the sweetest and smoothes thing walking this earth. I love to play basketball, dance, meet new people. Most people call me JB some Jamal either one is fine with me just gotta understand once you take that brave step to approach this sexy guy you should be prepared be attached. I love to make people laugh and smile. People tend to trust me with everything because I understand and is always there to lend a willing hand. Though it might seem that I am PERFECT but im not, MAYBE CLOSE LOL but im not. I have my flaws, i mean everyone does but thats just it. You shouldnt come to find a perfect person but to accept and imperfect person perfectly. Martin Luther King Jr. said "That everyone is a leader because everyone can serve." So I ask you Ladies and Gentlemen not for the opportunity to be great, but for the chance to serve you greatly. Well thats all that I can give you for now. The rest is a Mystery. SO I DARE YOU TO TAKE A CHANCE!!!!!! CANT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU THOUGH!