TextbooksGet your hands on these books right away.

Axelrod, Rise B. and Charles R. Cooper, The St. Martin's Guide to Writing, Short. 9h ed. Boston: Bedford, 2010. (ISBN 978-0312536138)
Kirszner, Laurie G. and Stephen R. Mandell, The Pocket Wadsworth Handbook, 5th ed. Boston: Cengage, 2012 (ISBN: 9780495912958)

Your textbooks are required; it isn't possible to pass the course without a textbook. You may buy or rent these books from Amazon or from the UCA Bookstore. For those of you awaiting financial aid, I have placed copies of these books on reserve in Torreyson Library and in the Writing Center (books may not be removed from either location).

If you see that you will not have your books by the beginning of the second week of class, please contact your instructor.