Residencies bring professional performing and visual artists, creative writers, filmmakers, and arts exhibitions to the UCA campus for one or more days for the purpose of expanding student learning experiences. They offer the general student body performances, lectures, and exhibits that enlarge awareness and appreciation of the arts, and provide students participating in the arts with workshops, masterclasses, critiques, etc. that enhance understanding and professionalism.
All appearances are free to the public and do not require tickets. Appearances are made possible by the UCA Performing Arts Fee.

Extra credit is available to students who attend and write about the experience of attending an event.
  1. Write a one-page response to each performance/lecture/master class you attend. Your response should be a combination of objective description and subjective reaction. Use MLA format.
  2. Turn in a hard copy of your response at the beginning of the next class meeting following the event. Include the program if one was provided. Extra credit responses will not be accepted after Study Day.
  3. Extra credit will be awarded at the rate of 1% for each event. Students who attend and submit responses to all six Artists in Residence events will earn an additional 1%. Extra credit is applied to the Process portion of the total grade.

UCA Artists in Residence Schedule.