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Wednesday, December 5 is a Work Day and we won't be meeting as a class. I will be in my office until 12, unless I make a coffee run. If I do, I'll leave a trail so you can find me. Need help? Text me at 501-291-0433. (DM)
HOMEWORK: By the beginning of class on Wednesday, 12/5, inform me via email that you have completed Faculty Evaluations.

A NOTE FROM PROF MOORE ABOUT FACULTY EVALUATIONSYour response to the course evaluation survey is important to me, so please,take a moment to complete the questionnaire.Responses are completely anonymous.I will not see the results until after grades are submitted.It only takes a few minutes.
Login InstructionsGo to myUCA and click the "evals" link on the top right.* * *

If you missed class on Friday due to a University sanctioned event, please check the homework page to find out what you need to do.
Reminder: The final revision of the Concept Essay is due on Monday, November 5. NOTE: You MAY use first person in this essay, but DO NOT use second. (tip: Use CONTROL + F to find and replace all forms of "you" from your paper.)
10/24: Wednesday is a WORK DAY! Perfect the first draft of your Concept Essay. Professor Moore is available in her office for assistance.

10/26: FALL BREAK!!!

CAT BOUNCE! A website of bouncing cats.

10/9: Changes have been made to the Course Outline document to reflect the correct dates for Fall Break and associated due dates.
The Profile Essay is due by the beginning of class on Monday. Don't be Ping The Duck!

(1)Please upload the peer review performed by you of your classmate's Profile Essay to your personal Wiki page by the beginning of class on Friday.(2) Bring a copy of the peer review to class to turn in to me for credit on Friday.(3) Bring a copy of YOUR essay for Read Around Peer Review in class.(4) The final revision of the Profile Essay is due at the beginning of class on Monday.
FRIDAY, September 28 is a WORK DAY. Class will not meet, but Prof. Moore will be in her office until noon so you can come by and get help with your profile essay!

BTW, You should check the HOMEWORK page!!!

!!!CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF!!!You will not be able to turn in your essays without a personal Wiki page. If you haven't already dealt with this, you should!**
(9/17) Reminder: You should have your personal Wiki page up and rolling BEFORE the first draft of the first essay is due, or you won't have a way to turn in your work!!!

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You already have things to do:

Here's what you need to do right now:

First, watch this:

Second, read this:

It's really important to read the Course Syllabus. You should DO THAT NOW.

  1. The syllabus explains everything you need to know to be successful in that class.
  2. It details what you will be learning and when it will be covered.
  3. It makes clear what is expected of you as a student.
  4. It allows you to know what to expect of your instructor.
  5. It outlines the organization of the course and when assignments are due.
  6. It explains how grading will be accomplished.
  7. It states the attendance requirements.

Third, do this:

Familiarize yourself with the site by using the navigation buttons on the left. Clicking on the logo or wiki title in the upper left corner of any page will bring you back to the home page.

ASSIGNMENT ONE: The Scavenger Hunt was distributed on the first day of class and is worth 100 process writing points. It is due August 27 (MWF Classes) and 28th (TR Classes). You can also find this assignment here.

ASSIGNMENT TWO: Add your personal page to the Wiki. This assignment is worth 100 process writing points and is due August 31 and September 4.

(Tip: you can keep this instruction page open while performing these operations by right clicking and selecting OPEN IN NEW TAB.)

  1. Click the + symbol next to the Pages and Files link at the upper left column to create your page on the Wiki.
  2. Title your page with your first name and last initial. Use the first name that you want us to call you by (ex: Deb M).
  3. Upload your picture and a short Bio--just whatever you would like us to know about you.
  4. Click SAVE.
  5. Find the link in the navigation bar on the left that corresponds with your class.
  6. Visit that page.
  7. Click the EDIT button at the top right of the page. A menu bar will appear along the top of the page.
  8. Find your name on the page.
  9. Use your cursor to highlight your name.
  10. Click the LINK button in the menu bar along the top of the page.
  12. Select the page you just created.
  13. Click ADD LINK.
  14. Check your new link by clicking VISIT.
  15. Click SAVE in the menu bar.

Very Important Note: ALWAYS check the document or link you have just uploaded. Seriously. A lot of things can go wrong (someone else's essay on your page, etc.)

Need Help?
  • Click on the HELP link at the upper right of the page to learn more about how to use your wiki.
  • Use the DISCUSSION tab at the top of the page to get help from your classmates. It's not against the rules to help one another in this class.

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