Portfolios have been graded and final grades have been posted.

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IMPORTANT: Please check your grade. You must make a grade of C or higher
in order to take Comp II in the spring.

Propose a Solution Essays have been graded and posted! Check ENGRADE to see how you did.

Concept Essays have been graded, PLEASE CHECK YOUR ENGRADE ACCOUNT. (Nice work, btw)If you would like to see comments, please email me from your cub address.IMPORTANT: Students who received NG on the Concept Essay should contact me as soon as possible (but not during class time).NG essays that have not been addressed in 5 days time (by 5pm on Friday, November 16) will be converted to a grade of F.

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Class Members:
Baker, Kayleigh R
Barnett, Kristen R
Bradshaw, Spencer E.
Colman, Bradley C.
Davis, Blue D.
Duong, Robert
Finley, Atacier A.
Fishback, Brandon J.
Franks, Anthony K.
Green, Ryan A.
Stefon Hullum
Kaffenberger, Samantha D.
Lovan, Elijah D.
Moix, Heather P.
Nicholson, Cody S.
Norwine, Pierce R.
Owens, Andrew J.
Pittman, Lindsey M.
Sanchez, Ruben
Sutton, Michael A.
Warrick, Michael T.
Wu, Ziyang
Snoop Dogg

I'll be posting the Profile Grades through the weekend. Check Engrade to see what you made. If you would like specific comments concerning your paper, please email me FROM YOUR CUB ACCOUNT or stop by my office. Nice work, everyone! Also, THESE CONTAIN SOME OF THE BEST INTRODUCTIONS I HAVE EVER READ!